Patient Centered Medical Home or PCMH is a model of healthcare based on an ongoing, personal relationship between a patient, doctor and the patient’s care team.  Whatever the medical needs, the patient has a medical “home”; a single, trusted doctor and care team, through which continuous, comprehensive and integrated care is provided.

When specialty care is needed, the patients care team will personally manage, facilitate and coordinate the care with appropriate qualified professionals, such as hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and related community resources.

The goal of the PCMH model is to improve primary care by focusing on the patient-doctor relationship and continue building a more comprehensive relationship to patient care.

South Shore Family Practice became a Patient Centered Medical Home in February 2008.

Our PCMH team has bi-annual audits to maintain status as a Patient Centered Medical Home. Our practice must have certain capabilities in place that coincide with processes and procedures used throughout the practice.